Shading Temperature

Shading Temperature Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a visual exercise in understanding temperature readings, with a focus on negative numbers. It features several thermometers that students are instructed to shade in to represent given temperatures, which range from positive to negative Celsius degrees. The activity requires students to shade the thermometer up to the level that corresponds to the temperature next to each one. This worksheet combines the understanding of negative and positive integers with a practical application that is common in everyday life.

The worksheet’s primary educational goal is to help students grasp the concept of negative and positive temperatures, as well as to accurately visualize these temperatures on a thermometer. By shading in the thermometers, students practice associating numerical values with visual representations. This task also reinforces the understanding that temperatures can fall below zero, which is depicted by negative numbers. Additionally, the worksheet aids in developing fine motor skills through the act of shading within specified boundaries.