Sums and Differences

Sums and Differences Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is focused on arithmetic with negative numbers, offering practice in both addition and subtraction. It is divided into two sections: the first part, labeled “FIND THE SUM,” provides addition problems that involve both positive and negative integers. The second part, titled “FIND THE DIFFERENCE,” presents subtraction problems, again with a mix of positive and negative numbers. Illustrations of children and school-related items add a playful element to the worksheet, potentially making the activity more engaging for students.

The worksheet is designed to reinforce students’ understanding and skills in handling negative numbers in basic arithmetic operations. In the addition section, students learn to combine positive and negative integers to find the sum, which helps them grasp the concept that adding a negative number is akin to subtraction. The subtraction section emphasizes the rules for subtracting integers, including the idea that subtracting a negative number is the same as adding its positive counterpart. Through these exercises, students enhance their ability to perform calculations with negative numbers, an essential skill in mathematics.