Negatives on Number Lines

Negatives on Number Lines Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a learning aid designed to help students practice adding and subtracting with negative numbers. It presents arithmetic problems with both negative and positive integers, accompanied by a number line that ranges from -10 to 10. Students are expected to use the number line to visually aid in the calculation of each problem. Each problem line includes a rocket ship graphic, suggesting the movement along the number line that may be needed to find the solution.

The worksheet aims to teach students the principles of addition and subtraction when dealing with negative numbers. The number line serves as a visual tool, allowing students to better grasp the concept of moving to the left or right on the number line to represent subtracting or adding respectively. This visual approach is especially helpful in understanding the rule that adding a negative number is equivalent to subtracting its absolute value, and vice versa. The worksheet’s problems are structured to reinforce these concepts through repetition and visual association.