Shade in Temperature

Shade in Temperature Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a temperature-themed activity designed to teach students about negative numbers through the context of reading thermometers. It presents a series of thermometers with the temperature indicated next to each, including both negative and positive Celsius temperatures. Students are instructed to shade the thermometers up to the level that corresponds with the temperature provided. The exercise includes temperatures below and above freezing, providing a practical application for understanding negative numbers.

The worksheet’s educational goal is to help students comprehend and visualize negative numbers as they apply to real-world situations, like temperature measurement. By shading in the thermometers to represent the given temperatures, students practice associating numerical values with a physical scale. This task reinforces the concept of negative values on the Celsius scale, commonly used to represent temperatures below the freezing point of water. Additionally, the worksheet aids in developing the students’ ability to accurately interpret and represent temperatures, an important skill in science and everyday life.