Movement on Number Lines

Movement on Number Lines Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a mathematical exercise designed to help students practice addition and subtraction with negative numbers using a number line as a visual aid. It features six arithmetic problems, each with a combination of positive and negative integers. Next to each problem is a number line ranging from -10 to 10, which students can use to find the solution by moving to the right for addition and to the left for subtraction. The visual representation of the number line is intended to assist students in understanding the relationship between numbers and the operations performed on them.

The worksheet teaches students the basic principles of adding and subtracting negative numbers. By utilizing the number line, students can concretely see how negative and positive numbers interact and cancel each other out. This hands-on approach helps to demystify negative numbers and makes abstract concepts more tangible. Through repeated practice with these exercises, students aim to build confidence in their ability to perform arithmetic operations involving negative numbers, a key skill in mathematics.