Missing Values

Missing Values Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet provides a series of exercises on multiplying fractions with whole numbers, but with a twist: one number in each multiplication equation is missing, and students must determine what that number is. There are fourteen problems, each formatted in a ‘fill in the blank’ style, where either the whole number, the fraction, or the product is the unknown. The problems vary in complexity, with different fractions and whole numbers used in each equation. The format encourages students to think inversely about the multiplication process to find the missing number.

The worksheet is teaching students not only how to multiply fractions by whole numbers but also how to reason backwards from a product to a factor. This reverse operation reinforces the concept of division as the inverse of multiplication and helps students develop their problem-solving and algebraic thinking skills. By working through these problems, students will also gain practice in manipulating fractions and whole numbers to balance equations. The variety of missing elements in each equation ensures that students understand each component of the multiplication process deeply.