Which Month

Which Month Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a fun and educational puzzle where students are challenged to unscramble letters to form the names of different months of the year. Each set of scrambled letters is presented in a colorful bubble, with lines next to them where students can write the correct name of the month. There are five sets of jumbled letters, each representing a different month. The aim is for students to analyze the letters and determine the correct order to spell out each month’s name accurately.

The worksheet teaches students to identify and spell the names of the months. By unscrambling the letters, it challenges the students’ ability to recognize familiar word patterns and reinforces their knowledge of the calendar. This activity also aids in enhancing their problem-solving and cognitive skills as they work to rearrange the letters. Additionally, it provides a fun way for students to engage with the concept of time and the sequence of the months in a year.