Liquid Holders

Liquid Holders Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet presents two sets of images, each containing a measuring cup and a test tube in the first set, and a thermometer and a birthday candle in the second set. Beside each image is a column of paperclips and a set of two numbers. Students are instructed to count the paperclips that correspond to the length or height of each item and then color in the correct number. The layout is visually straightforward, guiding students to associate the lengths of items with numerical values.

The worksheet is designed to teach students how to measure using non-standard units-in this case, paperclips-and to match these measurements with numerical values. It helps students practice counting and reinforces number recognition skills by associating each count with the correct numeral. This exercise promotes the development of early mathematical concepts such as measurement and comparison. It also encourages the development of fine motor skills through the action of coloring the numbers corresponding to their measurements.