Number Pickers

Number Pickers Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is centered around a measurement activity that uses paperclips as non-standard units to determine the length of various objects. At the top, there are two examples demonstrating the right and wrong ways to measure with paperclips, with a “Yes” or “No” to indicate the correct method. Below, there are four objects-a thermometer, a bone, a lipstick, and a watercolor paint set-each with a row of numbered boxes beneath them. Students are required to count the number of paperclips that match the length of each object and then mark the corresponding number.

The worksheet is designed to teach students how to measure objects accurately using non-standard units. It emphasizes the correct placement of the paperclip at the start of the object to ensure an accurate measure. The activity helps students to develop their counting and number recognition skills, as they must count the paperclips and identify the correct numeral. Additionally, by choosing the correct box, students practice decision-making and demonstrate their understanding of the measurement process.