Leaps Ahead

Leaps Ahead Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a measurement activity that uses paperclips as a non-standard unit of measure. It begins with two examples, each showing a different way of measuring an object with paperclips: one is correct (aligned with the end of the object), and the other is incorrect (not aligned). Below these examples, there are illustrations of four different objects-a pen, scissors, glue, and an eraser-with blank spaces to count and record how many paperclips long each object is. The worksheet is colorfully designed with clear images and examples to guide the student through the measurement process.

The worksheet teaches students the importance of measuring objects starting from the end point, demonstrating correct and incorrect methods. It reinforces the concept that accurate measurement begins at the zero point. By counting paperclips to determine the length of each item, students practice measuring and improve their counting skills. The exercise also enhances the students’ ability to compare lengths and recognize the necessity for precise starting points when measuring objects.