Flower Necks

Flower Necks Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet depicts four colorful flowers of different heights, accompanied by a vertical line of paperclip icons on the right side, representing a non-standard unit of measure. Below each flower, there’s a line with blank spaces where students are expected to write the number of paperclips that correspond to the height of each flower. The task for the students is to measure the height of the flowers using the paperclip scale and to record their findings. This exercise uses vibrant illustrations to make the measurement activity appealing and engaging for students.

The worksheet is designed to teach students how to measure objects using non-standard units, specifically using paperclips as a unit of measurement. It encourages students to understand that objects can be measured by length or height and that these measurements can be quantified and recorded. By counting the number of paperclips that align with the height of each flower, students practice their counting skills and numerical recording. This worksheet also introduces basic concepts of comparison, as students can visually compare the height of the flowers to each other.