Volume of Objects

Volume of Objects Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a volume measurement exercise featuring eight measuring cups, each with an object submerged in the liquid. For each cup, there are spaces provided for students to record the initial volume of liquid, the final volume after the object has been submerged, and to calculate the volume of the object using the formula (final volume – initial volume). The objects vary across the measuring cups, and the change in water level indicates the volume displaced by each object. The worksheet visually represents the initial and final volumes, aiding in the students’ understanding of how to perform the calculations.

The worksheet teaches students the method of volume displacement to calculate the volume of irregularly shaped objects. It demonstrates the practical application of subtraction in the context of measuring liquid volumes and reinforces the Archimedes’ principle that the volume of the displaced liquid is equal to the volume of the object submerged. This task helps students practice careful observation, numerical recording, and basic calculation skills. Additionally, it serves as an introduction to laboratory practices common in scientific experiments involving volume measurement.