Cut and Paste Letters

Cut and Paste Letters Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a letter-matching activity that helps students practice identifying the same letter in both uppercase and lowercase forms. In the first column, there are several uppercase letters listed one below the other: W, h, B, n, M, k, X, E. Beside each uppercase letter, there is a row of mixed letters in both uppercase and lowercase. The students are instructed to circle the letters in each row that match the uppercase letter in the first column.

The worksheet is teaching students to recognize and understand the concept of case in the English alphabet, specifically the visual distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters. It reinforces the idea that the same letter can have two different forms, depending on its case. By circling the matching letters, students strengthen their ability to quickly identify these forms in different contexts. This skill is fundamental to reading and writing, as it aids in the understanding that letters can appear differently yet represent the same sound.