Contains a Y

Contains a Y Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a visual activity designed for young learners to identify objects that contain the letter “Y” or “y.” It features various colorful illustrations of objects and characters, including a knight, a building, an oven, a soldier, a yoyo, a spider, an elephant, a ship, and a chef. The instructions at the top of the page prompt students to circle all the objects that have the letter “Y” or “y” in their name. The images are spread out across the page, providing ample space for children to circle the correct ones.

The purpose of this worksheet is to enhance letter recognition skills, focusing on the letter “Y.” It teaches students to associate the visual representation of objects with their corresponding names that include the target letter. This activity also aims to develop critical thinking as students determine which objects’ names contain a “Y.” In addition, it helps to build vocabulary by exposing students to different words and their spellings.