Trace and Paste

Trace and Paste Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to teach students how to write the letter ‘V’ in both uppercase and lowercase. The top section of the worksheet provides rows of dotted uppercase and lowercase ‘V’s for students to trace, helping them understand the shape of the letter. Below the tracing practice, there’s a section with blank lines marked “Write it,” which encourages students to write the letter ‘V’ on their own. The bottom portion contains cut-out letters ‘V’ within dashed

lines and empty squares on the worksheet, marked “Paste it,” where students can paste the correct letters after cutting them out.

The worksheet’s goal is to help students master the letter ‘V’ through a series of interactive tasks. Tracing the dotted letters allows students to get comfortable with the movements required to write ‘V’s. The writing space encourages independent practice, reinforcing what they’ve learned from tracing. Lastly, the cut-and-paste activity combines letter recognition with fine motor skill development, as students must carefully cut out the letters and place them correctly.