Trace, Write, Color

Trace, Write, Color Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is a multi-activity resource focused on the letter ‘M’. At the top, it invites students to trace dotted lines to form both the uppercase ‘M’ and lowercase ‘m’, and then provides space for them to practice writing the letter on their own. Below the writing practice area, there are images of various items, and students are instructed to color only those items that begin with the letter ‘M’. The images include a mix of items that do and do not start with ‘M’ to test recognition skills.

The purpose of the worksheet is to teach students the shape and writing of the letter ‘M’ through tracing and freehand exercises. It helps students with letter recognition by distinguishing which items’ names start with the targeted letter. The coloring activity further reinforces the connection between the letter and the sound it represents at the beginning of words. This combination of writing and recognition activities aims to strengthen the students’ early literacy skills in a fun and engaging way.