Trace Practice

Trace Practice Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is dedicated to handwriting practice, specifically focusing on the letter ‘M’. It features a large printed uppercase ‘M’ and lowercase ‘m’ at the top, with the word ‘Monkey’ to provide a keyword starting with the same letter. The sheet is divided into three sections: one for tracing the uppercase ‘M’, another for the lowercase ‘m’, and a final section for practicing a combination of both. Illustrations of monkeys are included to visually reinforce the letter’s sound and to make the connection between the letter and an example word.

The goal of this worksheet is to help students learn the proper formation of both uppercase and lowercase ‘M’. It provides guided tracing to develop students’ fine motor skills and muscle memory for writing. By repeating the tracing in separate sections, it ensures that students practice the distinct shapes of each letter case. The inclusion of the keyword ‘Monkey’ and its corresponding illustration aids in reinforcing the letter’s sound and in expanding vocabulary.