Skill Review

Skill Review Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a comprehensive learning activity focused on the letter ‘M’. It begins with a tracing exercise where students are guided to trace both uppercase ‘M’ and lowercase ‘m’ with dotted lines. The next section provides blank boxes where students are instructed to draw three items that start with the letter ‘M’. At the bottom, there are images of a monkey, a mushroom, and a frog; students are asked to color only the items that begin with ‘M’.

The worksheet is designed to reinforce the writing, identification, and phonetic sound of the letter ‘M’. The tracing part helps students with handwriting and letter formation, which is essential for developing writing skills. The drawing section engages their creativity and helps them think of words that start with the letter ‘M’, enhancing their vocabulary. The coloring exercise further solidifies their understanding of the letter by distinguishing between items that start with ‘M’ and those that do not, fostering their ability to recognize and categorize words based on their initial sounds.