Gratitude Jar

Gratitude Jar Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is titled “GRATITUDE JAR” and features a large image of a jar filled with various illustrated items. The activity directed to the student is to circle all the objects within the jar that do not start with the letter ‘M’. By doing so, the students must carefully consider the name of each object in relation to the letter ‘M’. This is a recognition exercise that uses the theme of a gratitude jar as a creative way to engage students in letter-based categorization.

The worksheet is designed to teach students about letter-sound correspondence, specifically focusing on the initial sound of words and their association with the letter ‘M’. It encourages critical thinking as students must analyze each item and determine if its name begins with ‘M’ or not. This activity enhances the student’s phonemic awareness and vocabulary as they identify and distinguish words that start with different letters. Additionally, by calling it a “Gratitude Jar”, it may subtly introduce the concept of gratitude by reflecting on things they are thankful for, which could be represented by the objects in the jar.