K Skill Review

K Skill Review Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a multifaceted activity page centered on the letter ‘K’. At the top, there are two sections: one with dotted lines for tracing the letter ‘K’, and another space for writing both the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter ‘K’. Below these exercises, the worksheet features a variety of images including a king, a cat, a bird, a kangaroo, a knife, and a cupcake. The instructions direct students to color only the items that begin with the letter ‘K’.

The worksheet aims to teach students the letter ‘K’, both through writing and visual association. The tracing exercise is designed to help students learn the shape of the letter and practice their handwriting skills. The writing section allows them to independently practice forming the letter. The coloring activity enhances their ability to recognize the initial ‘K’ sound in words and match it to the correct images, reinforcing their phonics and vocabulary related to the letter ‘K’.