Tracing Koalas

Tracing Koalas Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to teach young learners how to write the letter ‘K’. It features images of koalas next to large printed uppercase and lowercase ‘K’s, along with the word “Koala” to provide a visual and contextual clue about the sound that the letter ‘K’ makes. There are three sections of lined spaces: the first for tracing uppercase ‘K’s, the second for tracing lowercase ‘k’s, and the third for a combined practice of both uppercase and lowercase. Each section has dashed letters indicating where the child should trace.

The worksheet’s purpose is to help students become familiar with both the uppercase and lowercase forms of the letter ‘K’. Through tracing activities, it encourages the development of fine motor skills and proper letter formation. The inclusion of the koala image reinforces the ‘K’ sound and aids in building associations between letters and word sounds. This exercise aims to strengthen the child’s handwriting skills and phonetic understanding of the letter ‘K’ within words.