Penmanship K

Penmanship K Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is structured to assist children in learning the letter ‘K’. The top portion provides a step-by-step guide on how to write the uppercase ‘K’ and a space for students to practice writing it on their own. Below the writing practice area, there’s a section dedicated to tracing words that start with the letter ‘K’, accompanied by illustrations of a ‘kitten’, ‘king’, ‘kangaroo’, and ‘kite’. Each word is represented by a dotted line version for the child to trace over, reinforcing the connection between the letter and words that begin with it.

The objective of this worksheet is to develop the student’s handwriting and letter recognition skills focused on the letter ‘K’. Through the writing exercise, students learn the proper formation of both the uppercase and lowercase ‘K’. The tracing part of the worksheet enhances their vocabulary by introducing them to words that start with ‘K’ and helps solidify the phonetic sound associated with the letter. This sheet combines fine motor skill practice with phonics and is a fundamental step in early literacy development.