The 1st Letter

The 1st Letter Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a phonics activity designed to help children learn to identify the initial sounds of words. Each row features an image followed by a selection of letters, from which children are instructed to choose and circle the letter that correctly corresponds to the first sound of the word represented by the image. The images include a king, a kangaroo, a kite, and a key, each with a set of five letters next to them. The task requires students to recognize the picture, determine the word it represents, and identify the initial letter of that word.

The worksheet aims to teach students the concept of initial phonemes—the first sounds in words. By providing a visual cue (the image) and a range of letter choices, the activity reinforces the association between sounds and their corresponding letters. This practice helps to build foundational reading skills, such as phonemic awareness and letter-sound correspondence. It also encourages critical thinking as students must analyze each option and decide which letter is the correct one to circle.