House Scissor Activity

House Scissor Activity Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a sorting activity designed to help children differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters, using ‘H’ and ‘h’ as examples. It depicts two houses, one with an uppercase ‘H’ on it and the other with a lowercase ‘h’. Below the houses, there are cut-out letters—both uppercase ‘H’ and lowercase ‘h’—which the children are expected to cut out and then paste onto the correct house. The top of the worksheet provides a space for the child to write their name.

The worksheet’s objective is to teach students the distinction between uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter ‘H’. By cutting and pasting the letters onto the correct houses, students reinforce their understanding of letter cases. This activity also helps develop fine motor skills through the use of scissors and the act of pasting. Moreover, it offers a clear visual representation of the two forms of the letter ‘H’, making it easier for children to remember the difference.