Red and Green Glasses

Red and Green Glasses Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a coloring activity centered around the letters ‘G’ and ‘g’. It features several images of glasses, each with either an uppercase ‘G’ or lowercase ‘g’ inside. The instructions at the top of the page tell students to color the glasses containing an uppercase ‘G’ red and those with a lowercase ‘g’ green. There’s a place at the top for students to write their names, adding a personal element to their work.

The worksheet is designed to teach students to recognize and differentiate between the uppercase ‘G’ and lowercase ‘g’. By assigning different colors to each, it reinforces the visual distinction between the two forms of the letter. The coloring activity also serves to improve fine motor skills, as children must carefully color within the lines of the glasses. Additionally, this task promotes attention to detail, as students must look closely to determine the case of each letter before coloring.