Practice Along

Practice Along Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a handwriting practice sheet centered around the letter ‘Dd’. It is divided into three sections: a ‘Trace it’ section with dotted lines of uppercase and lowercase ‘D’s for students to trace over, a ‘Write it’ section with blank lines for freehand writing practice, and a ‘Paste it’ section with squares where students can paste cut-out letters. The bottom of the worksheet features a row of letters ‘D’ and ‘d’ with scissors icon, indicating that these should be cut out for the pasting activity.

The worksheet is designed to teach students how to write the letter ‘D’ in both its uppercase and lowercase forms. The tracing activity helps children familiarize themselves with the shape and strokes of the letter. The freehand writing section encourages them to practice writing the letter without guidance, promoting independence in handwriting. Lastly, the cutting and pasting activity enhances fine motor skills and letter recognition, as students must correctly identify and sort the letters into the appropriate boxes.