Letter D Sorting

Letter D Sorting Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a sorting exercise titled “Letter Sort,” where students are instructed to differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters. It displays two large squares, one with an uppercase ‘D’ and the other with a lowercase ‘d’, each with four small blank squares inside them. Below these squares, there is a row of mixed uppercase and lowercase ‘D’s that are meant to be cut out. The task for students is to cut these letters and paste them into the correct square, sorting them by their case.

The worksheet teaches letter case recognition by having students sort uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter ‘D’. It develops fine motor skills through the act of cutting along dashed lines and pasting small items accurately. The activity also reinforces visual discrimination skills as students must carefully observe the differences between the two cases. Additionally, this hands-on approach promotes active participation, which can enhance learning and retention of the concept of letter cases.