Begins with a D

Begins with a D Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is an interactive cut-and-paste activity that focuses on words starting with the letter ‘D’. It features images of a dinosaur, a dog, a deer, and a duck at the top, with corresponding empty boxes next to each. Below the images, there are the words “Dog,” “Dinosaur,” “Deer,” and “Duck,” each in its own dashed box, indicating that they are meant to be cut out. The students are expected to cut the words and paste them next to the correct image, matching each word to its corresponding picture.

The activity is designed to teach students word-picture association, reinforcing their vocabulary of words that begin with the letter ‘D’. It allows children to practice their scissor skills by cutting along the dashed lines, which helps to improve their fine motor coordination. The matching aspect of the worksheet encourages critical thinking as students must decide which word belongs with which image. Additionally, the hands-on nature of the task engages students in a more active form of learning, which can be beneficial for memory retention and the reinforcement of new vocabulary.