Iguana and Jam

Iguana and Jam Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a handwriting practice resource aimed at helping children learn to write the letters ‘I’ and ‘J’. It features large, colorful illustrations of each letter, with the ‘I’ accompanied by an image of an iguana and the ‘J’ accompanied by a jam jar, providing a visual mnemonic for the letter sounds. Below each letter, there are dotted lines for students to trace over, helping them to learn the form of the letters, followed by blank lines where they can practice writing the letters on their own.

The worksheet teaches the formation and recognition of the letters ‘I’ and ‘J’, both capital and lowercase, by combining visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning strategies. Tracing the dotted letters helps students understand the strokes needed to form each letter, while the space for independent writing allows them to test their skill retention. The association of the letters with corresponding images not only aids in phonetic understanding but also in expanding the students’ vocabulary. This exercise supports the development of early literacy skills that are foundational for further learning in reading and writing.