In What I Read

In What I Read Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is an educational activity focused on identifying verbal irony within a text. Students are required to read a text, pinpoint an instance of verbal irony, and then record the example along with its effect on a provided template. There is space for the title of the text being analyzed and multiple sections labeled “Example 1” for students to fill in their findings. Each section is divided into two parts, one for writing the example of verbal irony and another for describing the effect that this instance of irony has on the text or the reader.

The worksheet is teaching students how to detect verbal irony—a figure of speech where what is said is opposite to what is meant. By asking them to note the example and its effect, it guides students to consider how verbal irony contributes to the tone, character development, or thematic content of a text. This exercise enhances critical reading skills, teaching students to engage with the text on a deeper level and to appreciate the complexity of authorial intent and literary style. It also aids in developing their analytical writing skills, as they must articulate and explain their interpretations clearly.