Passage Play

Passage Play Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to develop literary analysis skills, focusing on the use of imagery in writing. Students are instructed to identify passages in a story where the author has used imagery, describe what is being depicted, quote briefly from the passage, and then explain the effect of the imagery used. The worksheet provides space for two examples, prompting students to consider how descriptive language contributes to the reader’s experience. Through this exercise, students learn to pay close attention to the text and analyze the author’s craft.

The worksheet is teaching students to recognize and understand the purpose of imagery in literature. By finding examples of imagery and reflecting on their effect, students practice interpreting how authors use language to create vivid mental pictures and evoke emotions. The task of explaining the effect of the imagery helps students articulate their understanding of the text and consider why authors choose specific descriptive techniques. This skill is fundamental for deeper literary comprehension and for students to improve their own descriptive writing abilities.