I Can See Now

I Can See Now Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a creative writing exercise designed to practice the use of imagery in descriptive writing. Students are instructed to observe an object in their immediate surroundings and then use imagery to describe it on the lines provided, without naming the object outright. After completing their descriptions, students are prompted to exchange papers with a classmate to see if they can guess the object based solely on the descriptive imagery used. There is a space at the bottom of the worksheet for students to write down what they think the described item is.

The worksheet teaches students the importance of using vivid, sensory language to convey a clear image to the reader without directly stating the subject. It emphasizes the power of show, don’t tell, a fundamental technique in writing that encourages the reader to engage more deeply with the text. By exchanging descriptions with peers, students also learn to evaluate the effectiveness of their own writing and to understand how others interpret their descriptions. This peer review element adds a collaborative dimension to the learning experience, allowing students to learn from each other’s use of language.