Missing Terms

Missing Terms Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a fill-in-the-blank activity focusing on idioms, which are expressions with meanings that are not deducible from the literal interpretations of the words themselves. Students are given eleven sentences, each containing an incomplete idiom, and they must fill in the blank with the correct word or phrase to complete each idiom. The idioms are common English expressions such as “It’s always darkest before the ____” and “We should make ____ while the sun shines.” The task requires students to recall and apply their knowledge of these phrases correctly.

The worksheet is designed to enhance students’ understanding of idiomatic expressions in the English language. It aims to help students become more familiar with the way these phrases are used in context, which is essential for both language comprehension and effective communication. By completing the idioms, students also improve their ability to recall and use these expressions in their writing and speech. Furthermore, the activity assists in expanding their vocabulary and helps them to understand cultural nuances within the language.