Scenario Practice

I Statements #9

Worksheet Description

The “I Statements” worksheet provides a set of scenarios that might occur in personal relationships, where one’s boundaries or preferences are not being considered. Individuals are prompted to write an “I Statement” in response to each scenario, focusing on expressing their feelings and needs. The situations range from a partner making unilateral plans to a friend who is not reciprocating support, to dealing with unwanted attention from someone. This format helps users to articulate their emotions and preferences in a constructive manner that emphasizes their perspective.

The worksheet is teaching students the skill of assertive communication by instructing them to respond to relational scenarios with “I Statements.” It is designed to help students express their feelings and assert their boundaries in situations where they may feel overlooked or imposed upon. By framing their responses with “I Statements,” students learn to take ownership of their feelings and to communicate them in a way that is less likely to provoke defensiveness. The goal is to empower students to advocate for themselves and foster respectful and balanced relationships.