Quotations Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet focuses on identifying and understanding hyperboles within quotations. It provides two quotes, one from Franklin Delano Roosevelt and another from Larry Rayfield Wright, each containing a hyperbolic statement. Students are instructed to underline the hyperbolic part of the quotation and then explain the meaning of the hyperbole in the space provided. This allows students to practice discerning exaggerated phrases and interpreting their intended significance within the context of the quote.

The purpose of this worksheet is to enhance students’ literary analysis skills, specifically in the recognition and interpretation of hyperbole. It teaches students that hyperbole is often used to convey a strong point or feeling and is not meant to be taken literally. By asking students to explain the meaning of hyperboles in famous quotes, the activity also improves their critical thinking and reading comprehension. Ultimately, students learn to appreciate the rhetorical power of hyperbole in speech and writing.