Explain the Picture

Explain the Picture Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is an exercise in using hyperbole to create exaggerated sentences based on images. There are five pictures, each depicting a different scene that students can observe and then write a sentence about, using hyperbole to describe the action or subject in the picture. The purpose of the worksheet is to prompt students to think creatively and practice turning ordinary observations into exaggerated, hyperbolic statements.

The worksheet is teaching students how to recognize everyday situations that can be described with hyperbole, and to craft sentences that amplify these moments in a humorous or dramatic way. It encourages the use of vivid, exaggerated language to make writing more engaging and to express ideas with greater impact. By associating images with hyperbolic descriptions, students can enhance their descriptive writing skills and better understand the use of hyperbole in storytelling. This activity helps to build their ability to use figures of speech effectively in their writing.