Jarrod’s Splash

Jarrod's Splash Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is a creative exercise focused on hyperbole, asking students to invent exaggerated descriptions about the size of a character named Jarrod’s splash when jumping into a pool. It features an image of Jarrod mid-jump into the pool, with a speech bubble that begins the sentence “When Jarrod jumped into the pool…” The students’ task is to complete this sentence in four different ways, each time using hyperbole to describe the magnitude of Jarrod’s splash in the pool. The worksheet provides four separate boxes for students to write each unique hyperbolic statement.

This worksheet is designed to teach students the art of using hyperbole to add humor and vivid imagery to storytelling. By prompting them to describe the same event in multiple exaggerated ways, it encourages flexibility in thinking and creativity in expression. The task helps students understand how different hyperbolic phrases can create varying levels of emphasis and effect. Through this activity, students will enhance their ability to use hyperboles for impact in their writing, improving their descriptive language skills.