Breakdown Numbers

Breakdown Numbers Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is centered on the concept of writing numbers in expanded form. An example is provided at the top, where the number 4234 is broken down into its constituent place values: thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones. Students are given a series of four-digit numbers and are instructed to decompose each into an expanded form by writing the value of each digit based on its place value. The worksheet is formatted in a table with rows for each number and columns labeled for each place value to organize the student’s work.

The worksheet’s objective is to teach students how to express numbers in expanded form, which involves breaking down a number into the sum of its digits multiplied by their corresponding place value. This task helps students understand the value of each digit in a number based on its position. Writing numbers in expanded form is a fundamental skill that enhances a student’s grasp of the base-ten number system. By completing this exercise, students become more proficient in numerical representation and prepare for more advanced mathematical concepts.