Hundreds, Tens, Ones

Hundreds, Tens, Ones Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a mathematical exercise focused on teaching the expanded form of numbers. It presents a series of two- and three-digit numbers that students are instructed to rewrite in expanded form, demonstrating the value of each digit according to its place value. An example at the top of the worksheet shows how the number 780 is broken down into 700 (hundreds), 80 (tens), and 0 (ones). The students are expected to apply this concept to each number in the list, writing the expanded form in the spaces provided.

The worksheet is aimed at teaching students how to deconstruct numbers into their base components, reinforcing the concept of place value. It helps students recognize the individual value of digits in the hundreds, tens, and ones places, and how these values contribute to the overall number. This skill is fundamental in understanding the structure of the number system and is essential for performing various mathematical operations. By mastering expanded form, students enhance their ability to comprehend and work with numbers in both mathematical and real-world contexts.