Into Places

Into Places Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to guide students through the process of converting numbers from standard form to expanded form. It includes a list of three-digit numbers, each presented in a box to the left, and a corresponding chart to the right where the numbers are to be broken down into their component place values: hundreds, tens, and ones. The example provided at the top illustrates how the number 234 is expanded into 200 + 30 + 4. Students are expected to fill in the chart for each number, applying the same principle shown in the example.

The worksheet teaches students to understand and practice the concept of expanded form, a key aspect of place value. By decomposing numbers into the sum of their parts, students learn how each digit represents a specific value based on its position. This exercise strengthens their number sense and prepares them for more advanced mathematical operations that rely on a solid grasp of place value. It also helps students visualize the composition of numbers, enhancing their ability to perform arithmetic calculations and understand the structure of the base-ten system.