Pick It Apart

Pick It Apart Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet provides students with a set of numbers written in standard form on the left side and asks them to convert these numbers into expanded form. An example at the top shows how to decompose a number into the sum of its place values, with the number 372 written as 300 + 70 + 2. Each row on the worksheet is accompanied by a plus sign, where students are expected to write the expanded form of the given number, breaking it down into hundreds, tens, and ones. The layout is organized to help students focus on one number at a time, facilitating a clear understanding of the task.

The worksheet is designed to teach students how to express numbers in expanded form, highlighting the value of each digit according to its place value. Through this exercise, students learn to recognize and articulate the mathematical significance of digit placement within numbers. This practice reinforces the base-ten number system and aids in developing computational skills that are foundational to further mathematical learning. By converting numbers into expanded form, students improve their number sense and ability to engage with more complex mathematical concepts.