Condense Values

Condense Values Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a mathematics exercise that guides students through writing numbers in expanded form. It presents a series of numbers, each accompanied by a bear character, with placeholders indicating the value of the hundreds, tens, and ones places. Students are tasked with filling in the blanks to show each digit’s contribution to the overall number, effectively expanding the number into an addition statement that sums its parts. The first example is completed to provide a clear model of the expected outcome.

The worksheet teaches students the concept of expanded form, a way of writing numbers that stretches them out to show the value of each digit. By breaking down numbers into their constituent place values, students gain a deeper understanding of how numbers are constructed in the base-ten system. This exercise strengthens their grasp of the place value concept and aids in developing mental arithmetic skills. It is an important foundational skill that supports future learning in addition, subtraction, and understanding of the number system more broadly.