Break It Into Places

Break It Into Places Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to help students practice converting numbers into expanded form. It features a list of two- and three-digit numbers, each accompanied by a graphic of a leaf, emphasizing the theme of growth and development in learning. For each number, students are provided with blank spaces structured to represent the value of each digit according to its place in the number. The task for the students is to fill in these blanks to express each number as a sum of its parts, focusing on the hundreds, tens, and ones places.

The worksheet is teaching students how to break down numbers into expanded form, a key concept in understanding place value. By separating each digit by its value, students learn to appreciate how each contributes to the overall number. This skill is fundamental in mathematics as it lays the groundwork for comprehending how numbers are built and prepares students for addition and subtraction of larger numbers. Mastery of expanded form also aids in developing a stronger number sense, which is crucial for higher-level math skills.