Expand-o-Matic Numbers

Expand-o-Matic Numbers Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet presents students with a series of numbers in standard form and instructs them to rewrite each as an expanded exponential expression, specifically noting the units place value. By deconstructing each number, students must identify the value of each digit in its respective place value and express that digit as a product of itself and the appropriate power of ten. The worksheet starts off with an example, showing the number 125 expanded into 1 x 102 + 2 x 101 + 5 x 100

This sheet serves as a practical exercise in understanding the base-ten system and the concept of place value. It teaches students to dissect numbers into their components, revealing how each digit’s position affects its total value. Through this decomposition, they learn to appreciate the significance of each digit’s placement within a larger number. The “Expand-o-Matic Numbers” worksheet reinforces the foundational mathematics concept that a number is an aggregation of its parts, each part having its unique exponential identity based on its position.