Opening And Closing

Email Etiquette #2

Worksheet Description

This worksheet focuses on teaching the appropriate use of salutations and valedictions in emails. It provides a list of various opening and closing phrases that range in formality, from “Dear Sir” to “Cheers”. Students are instructed to sort these phrases into two categories: openings and closings, and they must also arrange them from the most formal to the least formal. The exercise is designed to enhance the student’s ability to judge the level of formality required in different email contexts.

The worksheet is aimed at helping students understand the spectrum of formality in email correspondence. By sorting phrases such as “Yours Sincerely” and “Hi Joe,” students learn to distinguish between formal and casual language. It teaches the importance of matching the tone of the email to the relationship with the recipient and the context of the communication. Ultimately, the activity encourages students to be mindful of their choices of language to maintain professionalism and appropriateness in emails.