Examples of Item

Examples of Item Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to help students identify examples of dramatic irony from a text they have read. At the top, it asks for the name of the student and the title of the text being analyzed. The body of the worksheet is a two-column chart where students must list what characters in the story think or say in one column, and what the reader actually knows to be true in the other column. This layout encourages students to compare and contrast the characters’ understanding with their own as readers.

The worksheet aims to teach students about dramatic irony, a literary device where the audience knows more about a situation than the characters within the story. By filling out this worksheet, students practice recognizing and analyzing situations where there is a discrepancy between a character’s perception and the reality recognized by the reader. This exercise enhances critical thinking and comprehension skills, as students must infer and articulate their understanding of the text. Additionally, the worksheet serves as a tool for educators to assess students’ ability to identify and understand dramatic irony in literature.