Highlighting Special Combos

Highlighting Special Combos

Worksheet Description

The “Digraph Detective: Spotting Diagraphs” worksheet is a valuable resource to help students explore and understand digraphs—pairs of letters that come together to create a unique sound. This worksheet provides students with words containing various digraphs, encouraging them to identify and underline these special combinations of letters.

Instructions for Students:

  1. Exploring Diagraphs: Students will engage with a list of words, each containing one or more digraphs, where two letters work together to produce a single sound.
  2. Word Analysis: They should silently read each word and identify the digraph(s) within it.
  3. Underlining Diagraphs: Using a pencil or colored pen, students will underline the digraph(s) in each word, highlighting these special combinations.

This worksheet is an excellent tool for developing students’ phonemic awareness and phonics skills. It encourages them to recognize and differentiate digraphs in various words, enhancing their reading and spelling abilities.