Digging For Digraphs

Digging For Digraphs

Worksheet Description

The “Digraph Detectives: Fill in the Blanks” worksheet is an interactive activity designed to enhance students’ understanding of digraphs—a pair of letters that work together to produce a distinct sound. In this worksheet, learners will encounter words with missing digraphs and will utilize the accompanying pictures as contextual clues to select the correct digraph from the provided options.

Instructions for Students:

  1. Words with Blanks: Students will observe words where a digraph is missing. These sentences are related to the pictures shown.
  2. Picture Clues: They should carefully observe the pictures beneath each sentence to decipher the missing digraph.
  3. Select the Right Digraph: From the choices given (cr, ch, wh, dr, tr, fl), students will select the digraph that correctly completes the word.
  4. Fill in the Blanks: Finally, students will fill in the missing digraph to complete the word correctly.

This worksheet serves as an effective tool for strengthening students’ phonics skills, promoting digraph recognition, and encouraging them to make connections between sounds, words, and visual cues.