Name And Underline

Name And Underline

Worksheet Description

The “Digraph Detectives: Name and Underline” worksheet is a valuable resource designed to help students explore and identify digraphs within words. Digraphs are pairs of letters that work together to create a single sound. This worksheet offers an engaging way for students to practice recognizing and underlining digraphs in words associated with pictures.

Instructions for Students:

  1. Examine the Pictures: Students are presented with a series of pictures, each representing a word containing a digraph (e.g., “sh,” “ch,” “th”).
  2. Identify and Write the Words: They must carefully study each picture and write down the word associated with it, taking care to include the digraph(s).
  3. Underline the Digraphs: After writing the word, students underline the specific digraph(s) within the word.

This worksheet is a useful tool for improving students’ phonics skills, spelling, and word recognition. It encourages them to pay close attention to the sounds and letters within words, enhancing their overall literacy abilities.