Sorting Challenge

Sorting Challenge

Worksheet Description

The “Digraph Sorting Challenge” worksheet is designed to engage students in a fun and educational activity centered around digraphs. Digraphs are pairs of letters that combine to create unique sounds. This worksheet will help students practice recognizing and categorizing words with different digraphs.

Instructions for Students:

  1. Word Sorting: Students will be presented with a word box containing various words.
  2. Categorizing by Digraphs: They will need to analyze each word and determine which digraph (ch, ng, ph, sh) is present in the word.
  3. Sort Words: After identifying the digraph in each word, students will write the words below the corresponding column labeled with the appropriate digraph.

This worksheet helps students reinforce their understanding of digraphs and enhances their vocabulary and phonics skills. It encourages critical thinking as students categorize words based on their digraphs.